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(HEMEROTECA) Periodicals and Newspaper Library:

Unit of the Library created in 1959 with the end of supporting the economic investigation. Its bibliographic body is made up of:

    • Edited Publications by the Banco de Guatemala, from 1946 to date.
    • Edited publications by the Superintendence of Banks
    • Collection of meetings of Technical Bodies from Central Banks from Latin America and the Caribbean
    • Legal publications in the Diario Oficial (Official Newspaper) of the Republic of Guatemala, from 1895 to date
    • Digest of Laws of the Republic of Guatemala from June 1871 to 1990
    • Periodic Publications in English
    • Periodic publications in Spanish
    • Documents and bulletins of international organism works such as:
    • International Monetary Fund
    • World Bank
    • Inter-American Development Bank
    • Central American Monetary Council
    • Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
    • Latina American Monetary Studies Center
    • Central American Bank for Economic Integration